Good Web Designers


I’ve worked with several kinds of web desingers so far. Some are good, others are not.

Lately I experienced bad communication with a web designer. Then I’ve decided to write “what nature a good web designer has” (from my experience) in order to organize my thoughts and avoid such an issue in the future.

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PostCSS from Sass


I’d used Sass (.scss) in a Nuxt.js project. But Nuxt.js doesn’t support Sass natively. Removing node-sass and sass-loader will make me easier to maintain the project.

In addition, I have lately heard that PostCSS is modern CSS pre-/post-processor and you should use it. Nuxt.js also supports it w/o installing additional npm packages.

Then I switched from Sass to PostCSS.

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How to Start Webpack

One of my participating projects uses Gulp for bundling front-end JavaScript and CSS in a part even in 2020. It uses browserify internally, but the gulpfile is really messy and I will try to migrate it to webpack build which I’ve been avoided. And I’ve found the key points to use Webpack and leave a note.

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