Start to learn LaTex

It might be necessary for me to use math equation in Markdown and start to learn LaTex.

How to Use LaTex in GitHub Markdown

GitHub markdown seems not to support LaTex :weary:

So, we should:

  1. use Online LaTeX Equation Editor - create, integrate and download
  2. generate equation URL
  3. embet it as img in the *.md file.

ref: GithubのREADMEとかwikiで数式を書く

Let’s get started

When using equation in LaTex file, we can use 3 styles.

  1. $ <equation> $
  2. \[ <equation \]
  3. \begin{equation} <equation> \end{equation}

The first syntax is inline style, and the rest is block style.

The difference between 2. and 3. is that 2. is NOT add equation NUMBER and 3. does.

But I think my purpose to use LaTex is simply embedding math equation in Markdown, then these things I learned here is not so important.



This is a sample equation in LaTex.

  E = mc^{2}



This is a sample equation in Latex.

And next

Fortunately the online editor is really helpful to generate equation without knowledge of LaTex literal, I’ll learn it gradually when needed.

Bye :yum: