Move to Dropbox Paper

I’ve been using Dropbox Paper recently, and it’s really fantastic UI/UX!

Before using Paper, I’d been left documentation in It’s also nice UI, has a cute service character :heart: and really good Customer support!

But, finally, I’ve decided to move Paper from esa :wave:

Paper’s UX is much better than esa and I can’t find the demerit from Paper.

Failure of Docs/Folder structuring

During using esa, I made mistakes for layering the documentations and folders.

Too fast optimization made me frustrating and less motivated to write a document.

From my personal feeling, the title of a document can be broad and I’ll decide to split it after if it has too large size.

e.g.) “Xubuntu color schema settings”, “Xubuntus font settings” -> just one file “Xubuntu settings”

Having too many documents is not sutable for me and it’s not smart to split documents and folders too early time like programming.

In Paper, I changed the structuring style and it seems success at this moment.

Why private document?

I’m also thinking about publish documents and hide them.

During transition from esa to Paper, I found that most documents on the team could be published.

And the work of transition is really boring, then I decide to publish(not write a document on Paper) my future documents to Gist or this blog as much as I can.

Gist search feature is not so bad, although a bit difficult to look throuhg the list.

I really appreciate the esa team and thank you till now! :wave: :tada: