Quit to update this blog

I’ve already did.

I’d stopped updating this blog and had moved to GitLab repo.

I’m sorry for not telling it.

Why quit?

GitHub Pages itself is very nice and I didn’t want to do this.

However I don’t wanna waste my time to choose the hosting tool (like Jekyll, Hugo, etc.) and learn it.

It’s ok for me that I can write a blog with Markdown and the posts are accessable on the Internet.

Then for this time I found it’s very easy to upload a raw Markdown file on a remote repo.

Even when you change your main laptop, you just run git clone <repo>, write a blog and then git push, easy right?

When this URL gets invalid?

I’ve just now decided. The end of this year, 2018-12-31.

There are no redirection option and I feel sorry about it.

Goodbye and Thank you, GitHub pages and Hugo! oh, also tyny number of readers!