Doing gophercises every day

by mmyoji

1 min read

What the gophercises is

gophercises is a video learning web service for Golanga and you can use it for free with registration now.

This site is really useful for Golang beginners and intermediates.

The videos are English only but the creator, joncalhoun, speaks very clear and easy listening English (of course in good sense).

Sometimes a cute dog appears in the videos and that is also a good point of this service.

My progress

I've just finished #13 Quiet HN today. I learned building a web application with fetching ordered data concurrently and caching in Golang.

I've realized (again and again) that I have to do input and ouput almost at the same time for learning and start did.txt approach.

Writing a code with watching the video, I found something new(this is input), I just type did in my terminal, take a note(output) and done.

Don't be lazy. It's better to take a memo than to write a blog, IMO.

I'm doing the exercises 1 or 2 per day and gonna finish all in this month.

After that, I'll tackle with Elm-lang, again.