Review 2018 and 2019's Resolution

by mmyoji

2 min read

I have no objectives this year because I didn't review the last, regret it a little. I'll review this year and make a new year's resolution in this blog post.

Review 2018

I've decided where my blog should settle finally, I guess. I'd been lost for a long time, Hatena Blog, GitHub Pages (Jekyll -> Hugo), GitLab repo, and then GitHub Pages w/ Hugo again with my own domain. This is really wasting time and I don't want it to move at random anymore.

Writing blog in English is achieved at some extent though my writing skill is still poor. I could also read more English articles and tech posts than ever and wanna continue it next year, too.

Quit a job, took long vacation for 4 months, and became a freelance again. I've got a new record to quit a job for a very short term (only 4 weeks!). Unbelievable. I realized long vacation resolves only a few things with me and I'm a workaholic person rather. I should be more careful with taking a job, especially as a regular employee. Basically working as a regular employee isn't for me and majority of companies sucks. I'm sure it's better for me to work as a freelance for a while.

Thanks to job interviews, I've become more familiar with Docker. In my local machine, most of codes are run on Docker. I quit to install Ruby in the local machine. Whenever a new version of Ruby is released, I had to wait rbenv install <new_version> for a long time, but it will never happen again. I also understand Docker CLI's options more although I don't understand Docker's network yet.

WSL is NOT my main development environment yet. I expect its potential very much. I bought WLinux, it has a bridge to Docker for Windows and I'll try it with buying Windows Pro.

I split my Twitter account into as a developer and as a gamer this year, and have an account for Mastodon as well. All of them works very well for me though the usage of them are still not established. This was a very good decision this year.

New Year's Resolution

I have three:

  • Finish reading at least 2 books per month
  • Build app to help my revenue
  • Set objectives per month and achieve them

1st one is very simple. I couldn't read a book much in 2018. I wanna have a custom to read a book. Reading 2 books per month seems so easy, but not for me.

2nd one is also easy to understand. I have to earn money by myself if I don't want to work for a company.

The last one is a bit ambiguous. I turned back to use esa for my private notes online. I'll set small goals every month and meet the targets every month.


I'll be more stoic next year.