Changes from WLinux to Pengwin

by mmyoji

1 min read

WLinux decieded to rename its name to Pengwin and MS Store's WLinux was completely renamed a few days ago.

I did a little upgrade work on my ex-WLinux env to Pengwin env this morning. (Just run wlinux-setup)

It upgrades the environment and installs new command pengwin-setup instead of wlinux-setup.

and I found there are several differences from WLinux environment like I wrote on January this year.

/c/ to /mnt/c/ and Goodbye Docker volume mount :wave:

Due to Docker for win mount problems, I'd worked under /c/Users/<username>/ on WLinux env.

But there's nothing under /c/ directory after upgrading.

Instead, you can find /mnt/c/ directory like other WSL environments.

And there are my working directories under it, but the Docker volume mount doesn't work there!

I didn't search anything about it, but the feature often be broken, I've almost discarded it and finally gave up using the docker volume mount at this time.

If I need the feature, I guess I use Ubuntu laptop again. lol

Plus, I've encountered WSL environment totally slow whatever I do these days.

If the issue isn't solved, I'm planning to go back to Ubuntu environment again.

I hope Windows or say WSL team makes it much better thing some day.