Review 2020

by mmyoji

3 min read


  • Quit a job
  • Start a new job
  • Move to Hokkaido
  • Become a tech lead officially in a company

Quit a job

I quit a job, again. I'd been there in 6 months. Sales of the company had decreased due to Corona virus. (I guess the Corona was not the only cause.) All employee had 2 options: 1. accept less salary and keep working there, 2. quit and receive a tiny bonus. Then I chose the latter, that's it.

I am not a person feels sympathy with a company or a job. I just work for money to live. Though I sometimes feel sympathy with people, I didn't there.

The only thing I miss is that there was a chance to use English on the company. That was exciting for me.

Get a new job

Before I quit a job, I, this is a very rare case, had looked for a next job and found it. Unfortunately the company's main products are built on Rails. The only hope is one of my respectable masters helps the company.

Salary becomes a bit better, but not enough amount I wished.

Developers are nice, but managers are ... I don't mention about it. But there're a few senior developers and a bit boring for me. I don't know whether I work for the company for a long or not.

Move to Hokkaido

I've been working remotely for about 4~5 years and this Corona environment pushed me to move to a local place in Japan. Then I just decided to start from north (I prefer cold place to hot one) and moved to Hokkaido (北海道) in October this year.

Because many ex- and current coworkers move to Sapporo City, which is the largest city in Hokkaido, I didn't want to move there. So I chose a minor city, and I'm SO SATISFIED :)

It's the first time to live in a place where the maximum temperature in a day in winter is minus. I saw a lot of snow and was so excited like a little child lol

But I have to buy a car because it's a bit difficult to buy something w/o it in this city. And it's the same in all the other local cities. So, I'm planning to buy it after this winter ends.

Tech Lead

This is about a new opportunity. I have worked like as a tech lead or a lead engineer in several companies, but this time I officially become a tech lead in a comany/product. I've read several "tech lead" blog posts and I've realized that I am NOT suitable for it.

At least, the company wants a tech lead to communicate with Product Managers before they bring tasks to scrum teams. In other words, I behave like an advisor for them. Other things are optional because I don't receive enough money for that.

My volunteer tasks are like these:

  • to review all the pull-requests of a project
  • to have a pair-programming with junior developers for education purpose
  • to find/clean up troublesome code beforehand
  • to make development experience better
  • etc.

IMO, however, these things should be done by all developers and missing a tech lead is much better.

What I Did/Learned

  • Particiapte in large Node.js projects
  • Migrate self-hosted Elasticsearch to Amazon Es Service
    • Es v2 to v5
  • Migrate Gulp to Webpack
  • Work on WSL2
  • Elasticsearch
  • PostCSS
  • React:
    • react-redux
    • enzyme, @testing-library/react
    • mobx
  • Rails:
    • Upgrade Rails v6.0
    • graphql-ruby
    • Hotwire (ActionCable, Stimulus, Turbo)
  • Terraform

Have a happy new year!