Migrate to lume

by mmyoji

1 min read

I've migrated the static site generator for this blog from hugo to lume.

I had been looking for an alternative static site generator built in Deno and deno_blog was a candidate. But it currently doesn't support pagination (p-r exists tho).

lume is almost the same as hugo, at least for me, it's enough. First I thought I need to design entire site by myself, but I found theme-simple-blog can be used as a plugin (like hugo theme).

Then I tried to migrate my blog to lume and I could. It just took less than an hour.

The steps was like following:

  1. Run init command (deno run -A https://deno.land/x/lume/init.ts) under the root of the blog repo.
  2. Remove extra content directory for the posts
  3. Remove unnecessary hugo files
  4. Add _data.yml
  5. Add my own about.md
  6. Update .gitignore
  7. Add them-simple-blog plugin

I've also migrated the hosting from Netlfiy to Deno Deploy.

See the setup detail here.

I am now satified with it :)